Behind Enemy Lines: A Great Migration in Times of War

George and Michael Sellheim



Michael Sellheim (left), Mara de Silla (center), and George Sellheim (right)
The Sellheim brothers George and Michael in their Sunday’s best for church

Behind Enemy Lines — Lunghua Civil Assembly Centre

Lunghua Civil Assembly Centre Assembly Hall (center), F Block (left), D Block (right)
A photo taken within Lunghua shows prisoners waiting in line to fill up their flasks with water.

The Golden Gates of Freedom

A letter from the US Army advisory group who vouched for the Sellheim brothers to be granted visas
Michael (left), Cyril (center), and George Sellheim (right) reunited in Pasadena, CA

Back to War

Michael Sellheim’s honorable discharge from the Korean War

Going Home

Michael Sellheim (left), Patricia Sellheim (center left), Nadine Sellheim-Krystkowiak (center), Chris Krystkowiak (center right) and myself at a dinner for my birthday celebration.




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